Mail Issues

     There were problems with the pop/imap/smtp service this morning after the reboots.  At some point between this reboot and the previous, a Ubuntu update overwrote my systemd configuration file for dovecot, the imap/pop3 server.  My changes to this file were designed to cause dovecot startup to wait until after the /misc file system, where I have the encryption certificates for the domain, mounted.

     Because those were gone, the encryption certificates were unavailable so dovecot failed to start.  Because dovecot SASL is used for authentication in postfix, postfix also failed to function on the client mail server.  This was corrected around 7:30AM Pacific time.

Web PHP Outage

     Much of the webserver refused to run PHP code randomly today after I compiled in mod_authnz_external.  It should not have done this, should not in theory conflict with any of the other apache mods but obviously it did.  I will be doing further experimentation to try to nail down the cause.  I have had multi-core compiles of Apache blow up before so I may attempt a single core compile and see if that works.